Copilărie unde eşti?
Când îmi puneai sub cap poveşti…
Aveam în pernă numai vise
Şi-un leagăn cu iubiri promise.
În ceată îngeri mă vegheau,
Cu nopţi de stele mă-nveleau.
Până şi gândul mi-au păzit
Turnând în taină Mir sfinţit.
Şi înfaşată-n liliac,
Lăsat în ploi peste cerdac
Cu greierii într-un alai,
Eram în Rai.

Precum un fluture-n grădină
Scaldat în raze de lumină
Mă rătăceam prin flori cu rouă…
Strângeam cu braţele-amândouă
Petalele căzute-n zori
Din trandafiri agăţători
Şi mă-ntristam, credeam că plâng,
Că spinii… aripile frâng,
De nu i-ar fi avut zburau
Şi ceru-n roşu îl pictau.
Mi-ar fi facut şi-un curcubeu
Să-l văd în el pe Dumnezeu.

Azi îmi lipseşti atât de mult,
De parcă sufletul e smuls
Şi aruncat în gropi comune,
Fără de viaţă şi de nume…
Şi veacuri mă despart de tine;
De ce-ai plecat de lângă mine?
Copilărie unde eşti? 


Eva Olsen, a teenage boy in the shell, lonely, distrustful, grieving, a seemingly typical gee. That was her, but the moment he squeezed his hand, his heart throbbed in his chest, his soul trembled, her world being overwhelmed. He was the first and only boy to break the shells’ barriers and into the soul. Just him … Emilian del Castillo.
Emilian was the heir of a real empire built on the corpses by his father, Lorenzzo del Castillo. Most popular, arrogant, beautiful, rich in the whole high school and the one who breaks most hearts. Can such a devil fall in love with a pure girl? Can there be a love story between Emilian del Castillo and the innocent Eva?

„You have something special that gets me over my head. Why do you have that effect on me, Eva? The earth was running away from my feet, what I felt in my soul was overwhelming me, my feet softened softly, slowly, and everything seemed an illusion to me. Was it a dream or a reality? „

  1.  When you think you’re the only one who suffers. You realize you’ve learned to cry without tears. You learned to suffer silently. You cut … you cut yourself and try to hide the obvious traces of your skin. No one understands you. But on the contrary … he thinks like you crazy. Every day that depression gets you swallows your soul … every day you smile more fake. The chore has smacked you. You can not fight anymore. He won your soul.

sometimes I sit and think about why we always wander that we are not perfect?
we always say why I do not have a perfect face or perfect body?
but we do not think that God has done us in his image and likeness so we do not have to worry about being too weak or too fat to thank God for being healthy and having no health problems and stopping with silly operations!

why a woman always complains she’s fat?
why should she feel complicated just because she has a few extra pounds?
I do not understand why you judge both for some things will not you think the woman can get into a very serious depression?
or worse, he can commit suicide only for some hard-to-talk words!
and then you call her crazy and satanic that she did such things, but it is not her fault and those around her who judge her!